// Training, Education and Collaboration

All done in real time

in 3D virtual space

Create a cost-effective simulation of any training scenario, upskill or reskill employees quickly and efficiently, increase employee knowledge retention and reduce travel and training costs

Scenario Simulation

Create scenarios in XR which are impossible, dangerous or expensive to recreate in the real world

Health and Safety

Stress test your procedures and the knowledge / reactions of your employees

Product Onboarding

Train key sales staff and clients on new and upcoming products

Key Procedures

Run through key procedures with high throughput and instant data feedback

Maintenance Procedures

Avoid the need to use physical equipment or to shut down live equipment

Production Line

Train as part of onboarding or on yet to be built production lines


Implementing new technologies

will upgrade you'r productivity to a new level

XR Technologies

A new way to upgrade your business and to solve problems that traditional technologies are not able to overcome. It’s all about the digital layers or the 3D space, now we can bridge that gap and visualize things like never before. Welcome to our world, and let’s create something amazing together.

  • Explore & visualize before it’s manufactured
  • Immersive communication
  • Higher trainee throughput
  • Reduce transport and travel costs
  • Collboration in 3D space in real time
  • Replaces physical hardware
  • Digital layer on top of the real world

Hard Skills Training

Today more than ever industries are changing and technologies are rapidly evolving and upgrading the way we collaborate, communicate, and work in general. With the use of our solutions, we are providing that immersive experience by bringing the third dimension (3D) into focus.

Every industry from manufacturing, healthcare, or logistics can greatly benefit from the use of these powerful next-gen training, education, and collaboration tools.

  • Teachable abilities or skill sets that are easy to quantify
  • Immersive employee training in production, logistics, maintenance, healthcare etc.
  • Maximizing the benefits of the third dimension (3D space) with VR technologies

Soft Skills Training

In everyday life situations, we are challenged to perform our best. Not always our tasks consist of line communication and more often we need to meet the person and have that live interaction. Many people find it difficult to express themselves in that kind of situation and don’t have the necessary soft skills to be more efficient at their task.

Now with our platform, you can train those communication skills in the virtual environment with digitally created humanoids that are powered by AI modules.

  • Subjective skills that are much harder to quantify, also known as “people skills”
  • Employee training in communication, leadership, negotiation etc.
  • Opportunity to train in a safe environment that will overcome that fear in the given soft skills area

TEnC Platform

An innovative XR training platform that helps companies train, educate, and collaborate while boosting ROI. With TEnC XR you will be able to increase productivity and efficiency while maximizing employee’s safety.

Using our TEnC platform you can connect and communicate in the 3D virtual world, and have all the benefits of an on-premise experience.

  • Increased worker productivity and overall task performance
  • Safe training in high-risk scenarios
  • Highly decreased amount of employee mistakes
  • Real-time multiple user collaboration on any device